Why Mediation?

The litigation process can be time-consuming and stressful.  Trials are often lengthy, costly and are always unpredictable. Mediation offers another path to resolving legal disputes – whereby the parties take a step back from the formalities of the litigation process to collaboratively explore solutions to the issues in dispute.

Mediations are entirely voluntary and, unlike trials, are flexible and completely confidential.  The mediation process is crafted to reflect the needs and objectives of the parties and can be conducted entirely in person, or electronically via Zoom or some other electronic platform (or some combination of the two).

As a neutral and impartial third-party, the role of the mediator is to assist and guide the parties with achieving their own resolution to the dispute.  Rather than imposing an outcome, the mediator facilitates open discussions between the parties and, where timely and appropriate, provides evaluative feedback and constructive input.

A mediator will frequently ask questions and reframe issues, all with the goal of assisting the parties to understand each other, and to help identify creative and constructive solutions to the issues in dispute.

At its heart, mediation is about finding common ground and ultimately, achieving a resolution of disputes through open and principled discussion.

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